Frequently asked questions

Is Crunchy Bits Gluten Free?

Not yet. We are working to source all of our ingredients from certified gluten free facilities.

Why are the nuts in Crunchy Bits unique?

We are so glad you asked! Did you know that not many people can properly digest nuts? In fact, humans aren't meant to digest raw nuts at all! Nuts contain enzyme inhibitors. Enzyme inhibitors act on our digestive enzymes, preventing their proper digestion and absorption of nutrients. Nuts also contain small amount of phytic acid, which our digestive system is also unable to break down. This can lead to feelings of nausea and pain in the stomach, but it also puts a massive strain on our our delicate digestive systems. Crunchy Bits Granola contains ACTIVATED NUTS, or as we like to call them, SAFER NUTS (safer for the belly). This is an ancient and traditional practice that requires the soaking of nuts and in a brine and drying them through a two-step, 24 hour process making them more digestible and much tastier! Who knew there was so much to learn about nuts?! Science aside, this is part of what makes our granola so special!

Is Crunchy Bits Organic?

No, but it's absolutely a future goal of ours to get our granola certified as organic. We will keep you updated on the status.

Is Crunchy Bits available in stores?

Not yet but we are currently working with some local stores in various states. For Wholesale Inquiries:

Can I order Crunchy Bits Granola without nuts?

Yes, absolutely! We understand that some people might have allergies or just plain don't like nuts. Please check our SHOP tab for the 'No Nuts' version.

Can I customize my Crunchy Bits Granola?

While we aren't currently customizing flavor blends, we are offering custom edible decor! You can request a theme or color and we will do our best to create a fun-looking blend. Delicious and attractive-- it doesn't get much better than that!!